Lola (during_darkness) wrote in pucca_stuff,

I'm selling one of my favorite Pucca there anyone interested?
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how much do you want for it?
Well i'm asking about 40$ + shipping because this bag was VERY expensive and it's really rare....
ah, thats more than i can afford right now.. thanks anyway :)
Tell me e price then....
yes i am but i dont have any money so unless its free...
Hehe...that you be really cool, i only wished that world was perfect ^_^
i like your floor too how much was that or was it with the house or is it floor bords???
well, ilive in a very old building from around the 30's or 40's i guess and it has this beutifull floor, nothing like the wood you see now...all the building is lovely, especially the stairs...
num vejo a foto:(
Ja foi vendida ^_^